Trips between 0 and 10 km


Simon-Judas church in Issigau

The historical village church in Issigau with its cassette ceiling is open to visitors Sundays and on holidays until 18:00 o’ clock. Services are Sundays between 9:30 and 10:30.


Legend has it that the gorge was created by the devil himself when he furiously stomped with his horse foot...
Hollental has over 30km of hiking trails with clear springs and a 36-meter high water fountain at the hydroelectric power plant, the devil’s and the virgin’s bridge. Moreover, there are three educational hiking trails with the topics “Water”, “Flora and Fauna” and “Geology” as well as a barefoot path.

Wiede tower

The Wiede tower is located on the mountain ridge between Issigau and Saale. From here you have an excellent view over the Saaletal, Thuringia and Issigau in fair weather.

Konig David

You will need sharp eyes to discover the stone “King David’s Head”. For everyone else the location offers a great view of the area.


You are a bit nearer to heaven if you climb up to the Hirschsprung. At the edge of the cliff a deer is poised for the jump. This excursion point offers a breathtaking view of the whole Hollental.


Central hiking point

On this point several top hiking trails such as the Frankenweg, the Frankische Gebirgsweg and the Rennsteig begin and end.


Friedrich-Wilhelm Mine

The only mine in Frankenwald open to visitors features a one km long tunnel and was established by Alexander von Humboldt. Guided tours take place Saturdays and Sundays between April and the end of October and on the Christmas days and New Year.

Train station Museum

The small museum features a model of the Hollental in the format H0 and lots of information about the gorge and the rafting industry. Additionally, you will find a real steam locomotive in front of the timber frame building.


Keep ruins

The ruins of the keep are the main sightseeing point of the small town. The tower is easily visible from a distance. At the beginning of September a big renaissance fair featuring medieval music, food and entertainment takes place.

Music house Marteau

The villa belonging to the famous violinist Henry Marteau is constantly hosting musicians from all over the world that train here. Of special interest are the concerts marking the end of each training session.

Bandonium Museum

For lovers of rare musical instruments

Swimming lake

Swimming in natural surroundings

Bad Steben


One day in the spa of Bad Steben allows you to enjoy both the wellness and health aspects.


If you like to gamble we suggest you try the casino of Bad Steben, but be careful, it is addictive.


A great outdoor pool that is especially popular for its many trees casting shade during hot days.


Local museum

In case of bad weather a visit to the museum Schusterhof is ideal.

Outdoor pool

Naila’s outdoor pool has a baby pool, a children’s pool, a swimming pool and diving boards.