Trips between 10 and 25 km



The model train museum features over 500m2 with 150m2 of model train landscapes. Observe over 50 trains with more than 500 wagons in all stages of the model building process. For children the museum offers a separate playground.



The village of Modlareuth itself is a curiosity since one half is located in Bavaria and the other one in Thuringia. This separation causes different title plates, phone and zip codes as well as two majors for only 50 inhabitants.

East-West Border museum

Called “Little Berlin” by the Americans this little village was a symbol of the German separation. While the wall divided the village, no check point allowed crossing. While the western part was a tourist attraction, the eastern part forbid its inhabitants even to wave to the western side.



The largest lake in the region offers sailing, paddle boats, surfing and hiking.

High rope garden

Ideal for everyone who likes to climb and is not afraid of heights. Parcours have different degrees of difficulty from beginners to professional climbers. You can even climb above the Untreuesee. However, you will probably notice in the evening that not all your muscles are trained to perfection.

Botanical and zoological garden

During the right time of year the small garden has an impressive number of flowers. Your children will be delighted by the zoo, especially the reptile center.


Theresienstein is an extensive park with a castle, a ruin, a tea house and a hedge maze.

Teddy Bear Museum

For everyone who enjoys stuffed toys, not just children.


Hof offers everything from big chains to small specialty stores.


Hof has two movie theaters with four rooms each.


Hof has an outdoor and an indoor pool including a sauna.



The well-maintained castle contains the local museum and the Fire Fighter Museum.

Fire Fighter Museum

The fire fighter museum features, among other exhibits, old fire fighting cars and trucks. It is open on Sundays between April and October.


Lace making museum and lace collection

The international lace collection was established in 1986 as a part of the lace making school of Nordhalben. It features 120m2 of lace from the 18th to the 20th century. The collection includes over 400 items on display from all over the world. Here you can learn basic lace making as well as lace making techniques from other European countries such as Duchesse, Honition etc….

Moorbad Lobenstein


The local spa features health and wellness applications.

Zum alten Kohler

Subterranean storerooms for brewers

Local museum

Cloth dying and barrel making techniques

Old tower with tower ruin

The last reminder of the town’s old defensive structure. It features a constant and a changing exhibition.


Open foundry

Twice a month the old foundry is used to demonstrate visitors the history of iron casting.

Technical museum

Since production stopped in 1982, the Heinrichshutte is a technical museum.

Schloss Burgk

Schloss Burgk

The well-maintained keep features a museum with an original organ by Silbermann as well as a changing exhibition. Further items of interest include the lavatories and the soot kitchen. The area surrounding the keep is ideal for a walk. A music pavillon on a nearby plateau (the Sophienhaus) offers a fantastic view of the keep.


Fairy tale forest

Right outside of the small town of Saalburg you’ll find a forest featuring characters of Grimm’s fairy tales.


A track for snowless sledding: good fun for children and adults.

By boat

Discover Germany’s biggest reservoir by boat.