Trips over 25 km


German Steam Locomotive Museum

A paradise for steam locomotive lovers. Everyone else will be surprised by the diversity of the steel-cast locomotives. Trips with a historical train are possible as well.

Butterfly Paradise

Step through the door and you are surrounded by hundreds of colorful, exotic butterflies in a subtropical paradise. With a keen eye you can discover butterfly eggs and caterpillars, as well as spiders.



The ermitage with its orangerie and its extensive park with a grotto are worthwhile a relaxing visit.

Wagner opera house

Famous for the Wagner festivities.

Old and new castle

For everyone who cannot get enough of castles.

Paleontological museum

Everything from ossification to quartz.


Rosenberg keep

Take part in a guided candle light tour through the old subterranean defensive structure.

Old town

Enjoy the atmospheric old town with its old houses and narrow roads. Don’t miss the old city hall.

Frankische Galerie

The Frankonian gallery in the Rosenberg keep of Kronach is part of the Bavarian national gallery. It features, among others, art from Lucas Cranach the Elder, Tilman Riemenschneider, Wolfgang Katzheimer the Elder, Hans von Kulmbach and Wolf Traut.



The Veste houses the armory, a collection of copper etchings and the only German museum for contemporary glass. You will have the best view from the Rautenkranz Bastion and the High Bastion.

Museum of German Toy Making Industry

Rebuilt workshops from the beginning of the 20th century show the developing toy making industry with different techniques using wood, paper mache, paper and plastic over 250 years.


Farm Museum

This popular open air museum features two original farms. Especially the fully reconstructed Dietelhof from 1791 is the central piece of the museum.


Textile Museum

Upper Frankonia was and still is one of the biggest textile production regions in Germany. More than 21000 people are employed by the textile industry and weave or built weaving machines. This textile museum showcases this industry and guided tours give visitors insight into textile production in Kulmbach.



Experience the flair of past epochs via a sightseeing tour through the keep, the bastion, the armory and the federal Bavarian art collection.

Tin figurine exhibition

Several storeys of Plassenberg are dedicated to the world’s largest collection of tin figurines.

Brewery museum

Learn both about the art of beer brewing as well as the product.


Porcelain industry

More porcelain than you ever wished for! A great opportunity to buy new dishes for a great price.



Located above the village is the well-maintained keep that offers great views. Guided tours offer many stairs and a real secret passage.


Lauensteiner’ pralines have a great, unmistakable taste and a tender texture. Don’t buy too many!

Thuringer Warte

The little brother of the Eifel tower. Climb up a virtually never ending flight of stairs and forget about the pain while enjoying the great view.


Rock maze

A park with English style landscaping.

Open air theatre

Enjoy theatre or concerts open air but still protected from the elements (only the visitors).


Fairy Grottos

Originally a medieval alum mine, the fairy grottos now offer colorful and breathtaking stalactites and are known Germany-wide.


City center

Experience the hilly city with its old city hall. The square in front of the city hall features a beautiful Christmas market during the season.


Dragon Cave

The dragon cave is 550 m long and from the devon era. Excavations revealed multiple fossils from the last ice age such as mammoth and ren. Dragon blood is a local, very sweet liquor.


The immense wooden windmill is a masterpiece of windmill building. It is unique in Saxony.


Glas Museum

This museum documents centuries of glass production history, especially in the region of Lauscha.

Glas art

Thuringia is famous for its glass art. The unique styles and techniques have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.


Toy Museum

Set in a historic building the toy museum features three storeys of exhibits where every visitor will find something from his or her childhood. A major part of the exhibition focuses on puppets and puppet making.

Tchech Republic


Known for its hot springs and a historical hot spot for the rich, famous and aristocrats.


A small city with a beautiful and huge public bath, established by Kaiser Franz I. It features mineral mud baths and healing springs.