Castle and village

A brief history of Issigau castle

Issigau castle -  is first mentioned officially in 1398 as a keep belonging to the Lords of Reizenstein zu Reizenstein. The keep was attacked and besieged several times. During the 30 year’s war it was conquered and destroyed by Gustav Adolf, king of Sweden. In 1750 it was rebuild as summer residence and changed owners several times during the centuries, including being a manor during the 18th century. The castle is privately owned since 1900. In 1919 factory owner Carl Schmidt from Weischlitz bought the castle and passed it on to his heirs. Wolfgang Braitmaier from Nuremberg and his family bought the castle that was in strong need of restoration in 1976 and converted it to a campground with restaurant. In 1991 the business was transferred to Wolfgang Braitmaier’s son, Stefan Braitmaier. The maintenance and restoration of the castle continues under his administration.

Impressions of the village

The village is peaceful, without tourist masses, a place to recover. Located between the gentle slopes and forests of the Frankenwald nature park lies the village of Issigau (524 NN). The surrounding landscape offers nearly unending opportunities for hiking such as the Hollental located close by with its Wiede tower and the legendare “Hirschsprung”. Extensive forests and diverse nature: that’s Issigau.